Thursday, December 4, 2008

Lebron Adds Insult to Injury

Last night during the MSG telecast of the Knicks @ Cavs game viewers were treated to some video of an interview with Lebron

Asked if all of the hype surrounding his (not so soonly) impending free agency was a distraction for his team, Lebron responded:
"No. Not for us. It's a distraction for the Knicks. It's not a distraction for us. We're good! It could be a distraction for those players but for us? We're good. We're straight."
At this point, after the laughter in the locker room subsided, Lebron was asked why the Knicks would be distracted. His responded thusly:
"[Be]cause they gotta... Players on that team don't want to hear about Lebron James or Chris Bosh coming to the team. At this point its a year and a half away. They got better things to do. For us, we're all right."
And, it's all true every word. The Cavs are trying to win a championship this season whereas the Knicks are bad. They either know they are gone by 2010 (Q-Rich, Tim Thomas, Anthony Roberson, Malik Rose, Jerome James) or realize that every night is an audition to be kept around (Nate Robinson, David Lee, Al Harrington, Chris Duhon). If anyone would be distracted it would be the Knicks. Zydrunas Ilgauskas, the second-most important Lebronalier, is in his eleventh season; all he wants from Lebron are two more years because that's all he's got. If LBJ wins a title in 2014 that doesn't do much for Big Z. He's not distracted by 2010. In fact, he's probably motivated. The Knicks on the other hand, are just biding time. One way or the other.

It stings a little. I can feel it. Right in my neck. But everything Lebron said is true. At least, I hope so. Especially that part about him and Bosh coming to the team....