Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What Sports-Gifts You Might Be Unwrapping This Week

Somewhere in wilds of Strong Island a well-meaning aunt or grandmother is walking into a discount clothing store like a TJ Maxx and is scrambling to find the gift for her sports-loving relation. She doesn't really even need to go to the effort because you surely still don't think you are grown up enough (even though 30 candles is closer than 20) to have to buy her anything. But, she likes giving gifts and wants you to think well of her as you embark on your adult life. Perusing the marked-down designer slacks and Cosby sweaters she finds a rack with modestly priced Jets jerseys. She knows that you're a big football fan and is sure you like the team that practices at Hofstra and not the Giants like her father did. Besides, even she knows that these jerseys are usually very expensive. It must be some last-minute sale. And, this is surely her lucky day as you would never know that she got such a great deal. So she grabs the $30 jersey and heads up the cash register happy with the "cool" gift she got you. Even though she spent more on others, this may be the gift that she is most proud of. She hopes that maybe you'll even wear it while watching Sunday's Jets game...This has to be happening somewhere. Right?

Week 16 Schadenfreude