Wednesday, January 14, 2009

David Is Goliath

For the second straight game David Lee was a veritable monster on the court, scoring 30 points, grabbing 10 boards and handing out 6 assists as the Knicks outscored the Wizards, 128-122. This win wasn't impressive, considering that we allowed the team tied for 28/29th place in scoring in a 30 team league to score over 120 points. But it was HUGE.

This isn't a game that will be long remembered. Or used as a touchstone when talking about what will be or what could have been. The recent wins over the Celtics and the Hornets are those sorts of victories. But this win makes those wins worthwhile. This validates Monday night's win over the Hornets. The Knicks are on a winning streak with winnable games against the Wizards, Sixers and Bulls before next Wednesday's home game against the Suns.

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