Sunday, January 18, 2009

For the Birds...

Last week, when the Eagles were slowly choking out the Giants at the Meadowlands this bird was hopping around just outside the window of my living room. Eventually it got the attention of the half dozen or so people inside watching the game. It was perched on the cable/electric wire running to the building. It was a bird. A small bird.

No one thought much of it at the time but it was rather fitting considering the fate of all the bird-named football teams during the weekend. This afternoon's championship games feature the Ravens, Cardinals and Eagles. who were all underdogs last week. The Steelers are also playing. They're probably the "best" team left in the tournament. But, I'm going to stick with this little guy in the photo. Based on the looks of him, I'd say we're looking at the Cardinals (with a healthy Boldin) and Ravens in a Super Bowl for the (small) birds. Both teams are getting points today (+3.5 for the Cards and +6 for the Ravens) and might be worth a look if you also force meaning upon meaningless things from the natural world. far, so good

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