Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What Could Possibly Be Next?

Not surprisingly, the mocking emails are pouring in. I've been invited to touch all sorts of things. The morning after the team's most impressive win of the season (@ Hornets) the Knicks-related topic of conversation is this lawsuit against Eddy Curry rather than the great performance of David Lee, the reinvention of Q Rich as a passer (he had eight assists) or the phenomenal defense that Al Harrington played during the Hornets' final possession. We're ignoring a solid road win over a team with title aspirations because we're talking about Curry's alleged sexual harassment of a former male employee, who was a criminal and may currently be trying to commit yet another crime against his former boss.

As you might infer, I'm inclined to think these charges won't stick. Still, I wouldn't be that surprised if it all turned out to be true. At this point, how could I be? Could Curry's lack of playing time and respect around the league sent him into a depression that pushed him towards increasingly erratic and dangerous behavior? Sure. Could he have taken out his understandable frustration on someone who he had control over? Why not. And, could that person have been just the sort to try to turn a profit by overstating the wrongs committed against him by a wealthy employer? It seems like it. Everything this team touches seems to turn to garbage.

Who knows what tomorrow brings? Nothing would surprise me. If I picked up a copy of Post tomorrow morning while walking through midtown and saw this picture of Nate paired with the headline "LOW BLOW: Nate accosts member of the Harlem Boys Choir, says vertical similarity led to horizontal depravity" would I be surprised? I guess not. That's what it's come to in the last gasps of the Isiah Thomas Era. And, this episode makes it clear that we're still living under the cloud of Thomas. After all, Curry was the his franchise cornerstone. And sexually harassing a female employee may be his easiest to decipher action as an executive.

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