Thursday, February 19, 2009

Larry Hughes (and Chris Wilcox) Is Allegedly A Knick

Hoops scribe Chad Ford, in a chat over at, wrote that the Knicks and Bulls have agreed to a trade that sends Tim Thomas and Jerome James to the Bulls in exchange for Larry Hughes. According to Ford, this deal is just waiting league approval.

At first blush, I dig the trade. We don't take on any salary past next season and we acquire a shooting guard while also opening up a roster space. There will be more to come from WWOD? as this report is confirmed.

UPDATE: Marc Stein at is reporting that the Knicks will also be acquiring Chris Wilcox from the StolenSonics and parting with Malik Rose and Anthony Roberson as the day goes along. He's unsure if this will go down as two separae trades or as one three-team deal. It seems like Roberson may be included in the Chicago deal if it is two separate transactions. Wilcox's contract expires after this season.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Anthony Roberson's name has been dropped from mentions of the trades over at Maybe he's staying around.

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