Sunday, February 1, 2009

Oakley Hates Incriminating Photographs

According to some news website out of Tampa Bay, WWOD? namesake Charles Oakely got himself involved in a little scuffle late the other night at a bar in the Tampa area. A woman claims to have been assualted by someone at the Seminole Hard Rock. The news story tells us that "some witnesses thought the man was an NFL star, but others are not sure." All this really means is that it was a big black guy.

One of the witnesses, who was unclear on who was fighting with the girl, attempted to take a picture of the argument/donnybrook. He had his camera slapped from his hand. By Charles Oakley. Who everyone did recognize. Seemingly, Oak was partying with the guy having/causing problems and didn't take kindly to some stranger trying to make a souvenier out of the moment.

Aside from the facts that Oakley isn't the one accused of assaulting a lady and that he is still playing the role of the enforcer for his pals, my favorite part of the article is the last line. It reads: We were not able to contact Oakley to comment on this article.

I love the idea of some nobody reporter in Tampa trying to track down Oak in the middle of the night or even yesterday as he's no doubt laying leviathan-type bets on the Super Bowl or carousing with Michael Jordan or whomever else he's rolling with in Tampa. Did they call Oakley? Is his cell phone number available? Did they leave him a message. Would they really want to find him even if they could? Like, the only reason he didn't comment was because they couldn't find him? Because if they had contacted him then he would surely have cooperated? Right.

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