Monday, February 9, 2009

Gut-Punch Loss

Roy beats Knicks at buzzer, 108-109
Being stuck in traffic is one of my least favorite things. It's right up there with broadcasters on the YES network and people who fawn obsessively over Kobe Bryant and venomously attack anyone who questions his greatness. I commute on my feet and in subway cars. And I like it that way. Which means that I rarely have to endure traffic anymore. Of course, this also makes it that much worse when I am stuck in the car on some clogged concrete artery. My muscles tense and fill with lactic acid. My back sweats. My hands clench the wheel and my elbows lock. I want to stretch and jump. And just move. I'm a ball of nervous energy just sitting there simmering in my seat.

And, this is where I was when Brandon Roy dropped in the game-winning bucket last night against the Knicks. I was stuck in traffic, waiting to gain access to the Holland Tunnel. There were three people in the car and one gigantic pot that had held a several gallons of chili up until about three hours earlier. No one else cared about the result of the game. They knew I did. They feigned interest. I wanted to scream. To twist and shout. But I just sat there. Still and stuck. It was painful.

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