Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Mudita

Although Shonn Greene's long touchdown run provided the Jets' winning margin midway through the fourth quarter, this Mark Sanchez touchdown throw on 3rd down at the 2-yard line at the start of the fourth was the offensive must-have play of the game for Gang Greene. Everyone trusted the rookie out of Iowa, Thomas Jones and the Jets' offensive line to come up with a rushing score at some point. That was what the Jets were dialing up. Again. And again. It's what the team and the opponent were counting on. That run was a long time coming. The X-factor was the game-changing pass play. The Jets needed to stop the Chargers from converting such a play and the Jets needed Sanchez to come up with one of his own. Jets Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer put Sanchez in motion to his right on this third down. Sanchez has shown himself remarkably comfortable throwing on the run this year. And as the rookie out of USC (who had been a spectator at a playoff game at this stadium just last year) approached the sideline, he fired a knee-high laser to Keller, who came back into a hole in the rear corner of the end zone. Keller went to the ground, catching the ball unmolested as he fell. TOUCHDOWN!!!!! The window Sanchez threw that ball into was too small even for the diminutive Darren Sproles to jump out of after such a heartrending loss. And, for what it's worth, the way that the Jets spied Sproles on screens was the unsung defensive move of the game.

If you stick with this highlight into the second minute then you're going to see some damn fine sports mudita. Crawford, the rest of the Atlanta Hawks, and the fan's in attendance on Friday night are elated after he hits this game-winning shot against the Suns. Crawford is the longest-tenured NBA player without a playoff appearance and he is well on his way to the postseason tourney right now. The longtime Knickerbocker (which explains his dubious streak) took over this game in the last half minute and secured a miracle come-from-behind win on national television.

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