Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Movin' Out (Oakley's Song)

A WWOD? Mea Culpa

Wherefore art thou, source of needless Knicks news and opinion?

Well, the past week has been light a ghost town around here because I've picked up stakes at the longtime WWOD? HQ and moved our entire staff to a new location. The move was arduous. It covered the distance of two or three blocks. If you caught the traffic light then it was less than a 180-second walk. Of course, it also snowed. And kept snowing. And there was a trip to Brooklyn to load a van that had been picked up in the suburbs of North Jersey. So, it wasn't that straightforward

Blisters were formed. Bruises were ... bruised. Baseball cards were packed. Unpacked. Then hidden so that a certain new lady roommate couldn't try to throw them away like my Jets throw pillow. Allen wrenches were used. Vans were loaded. Unloaded. Brothers were called in for backup. Treasured serving dishes emblazoned with caricatures of the 1969-70 Knicks club were shattered. Doors were taken off hinges. Chunks were gouged out of walls in stairwells. Lunch and a beer were purchased for the aforementioned brother.

All in all, it's been a busy past week. Which is why it's been boring around these parts. But, I'm looking to ramp up the pace again. Provided Verizon can configure my connection to this wondrous series of tubes that composes the Interwebs.

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