Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Pryce You Pay

After being unexpectedly released by the Baltimore Ravens earlier this week, 4-time Pro Bowl rush end Trevor Price made some plans with the family for what he thought would be a free weekend.

The Brooklyn-born veteran, though, had to change said plans when the Jets quickly got on the horn with his agent, who agreed to terms before even calling his client. Because he knew that Pryce would be eager for a reunion with his former coach Rex Ryan. Even if it meant missing that trip to Six Flags.

From JetsBlog:
"Pryce will play on Sunday, mostly in passing situations, although he originally had other plans. “My daughter and my niece are going to Six Flags,” he said. “I was really looking forward to that.”

Putting aside the facts that Pryce has the fourth-most sacks among active players and that he knows the Jets' scheme and that injuries have exposed a lack of depth on defense, I'm just psyched that this guy was psyched to go to Six Flags with his kid. He should fit in just fine.

From what I can gather, the Ravens were playing a little roster spot roulette and took a bullet on this one. They had let go of Pryce, who admittedly hadn't been contributing thus far in 2010, to make space for safety Ken Hamlin. They'd made the move quietly and hoped to re-sign Pryce on Monday. It was sort of like what the Jets did with fullback Tony Richardson just before the start of the season. Except letting a grey-beard fullback, no matter important he may be to team chemistry, off the leash is not the same letting a veteran defensive end hit the street. It's like comparing apples to prunes. And, yes, that is, in part, a joke at the expense of Richarson's age.

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