Monday, October 4, 2010


Having not toed the rubber in a Big League game in nearly a month, it was only fitting that Oliver Perez took the loss in the Mets' season-ending defeat to the Washington Nationals yesterday. Out of options in the 14th inning at Citi Field, beleaguered Mets skipper Jerry Manuel had no choice but to bring in the lethargic albatross from the bullpen with one out.

Ollie hit the first batter in the shoulder. He then walked the next one, two, three batters to plate the go-ahead run for the Nationals. There had been 16 scoreless half innings in this game before Perez entered the fray. Perhaps neither of these mediocre teams had the talent to push across a run. Or maybe all the uniformed men in both dugouts were intentionally keeping it going because knew that all of their jobs were in jeopardy as soon as this contest was in the books.

Perez, though, knows that he'll get paid handsomely next season regardless of how many days come between appearances. He took matters into his own hands and singlehandedly killed off a game. Although, some might argue, that he'd managed the same feat with the entire season months ago.

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