Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 2 Postmortem: Getting Better All the Time

I used to get mad at my school
Now I can't complain

After an disappointing acceptable 10 out of 16 mark on arguably the wildest (half the games came down to the last possession and three went into OT) Day 1 of the Big Dance, I'm back on track with a stellar 13 out of 16 on Day 2.

And my creditors will be pleased to learn that my Sportsbook account is creeping toward the withdrawal threshold.

Tapping Cornell to advance past Temple was the marquee pick of the day. If you'd been tracking the ramblings in this space instead of working yesterday then you would have been wise to that one before the tip. The other "upset" was No. 4 Purdue over No. 13 Siena. Everyone was in the bag for Siena, including the President of the United States and Sports Illustrated's Seth Davis. I went against the grain and stuck with the Boilermakers. Whiskey and beer? How can you go wrong?

Less impressively, I got my Aggies confused and whiffed on Utah State over Texas A&M. Similarly, I mixed up my Tigers, picking Clemson instead of Mizzou. I also undersold the "all for one, one for all" ethos of the Xavier Muskateers and gave far to much weight to the fact that I had heard of Tubby Smith.

Since I might actually try to accomplish other things today, I'm going to give you the early picks without the window dressing that you've become accostomed to glossing over.

WWOD?'s Day 3 Round of 32 Picks:
Villanova over St. Mary's
Tennessee over Ohio
Murray State over Butler (definitely take the +4.5 points)
Baylor over Old Dominion
Kansas over Northern Iowa
New Mexico over Washington*
Kansas State over BYU
Kentucky over Wake Forrest
*Isaiah Thomas Corrolary prevents me from picking the Huskies even though they looked great in Round One and the combo of Thomas and Quincy Pontdexter is hard to handle.