Thursday, September 16, 2010

WWOD? Investing Tip of the Day

Some analysts find that gold and other precious metals are the safest investment, whereas others claim that the so-called vice stocks - gambling, alcohol and tobacco - are savvy choices in a down economy.

I advise running not walking to a computer, navigating the Interwebs to eBay, and sinking your fortune into vintage New York Knicks memorabilia. This will be arriving at the HQ shortly. It's size 48 and has been waiting for me, in a smoke-free home, to come along and claim it.

When I was a child going to Knicks games with my father, uncle and grandfather I dreamed of coming out onto the Garden floor wearing one of these warm-up jackets. And, years from now, it will be one tile in a mosaic explaining why my offspring must pay their way through college.