Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The VerKNICKular


adjective; adverb; preposition

Facing an extra-inning game on the final day of the 2010 regular season, erstwhile Mets skipper Jerry Manuel had no choice but to call on exiled left-hander Oliver Perez as the game entered the 14th frame. The score had been knotted at 1-1 and neither anemic offense seemed to be able to dot the final lower-case j of their respective jokes of seasons.

1. to succumb to one's worst flaw; as to occur in a manner befitting the precipitating circumstances; poetic justice.
2. occurring at the least opportune time.
3. so as to flaunt a shameful secret.
4. to be hoisted with one's own petard

1. With the 2010 Mets' campaign played under a cloud of poor personnel decisions and marred by injuries, ineffectiveness and malaise it was aproperez that disgraced and obstinate hurler Oliver Perez walked in the final run of the season.

2. After murdering his brother and usurping his throne in Denmark, it was aproperez that Claudius was felled by a familial relation.

Antonym: Aproposey

1: at an opportune time : deservedly
2: fortuitous timing; a happy coincidence
3: a deserved victory, especially one by means of one's strong suit.

1. After providing much-needed pop to the Giants' lineup in second half of the season, it was aproposey that NL Rookie of the Year candidate Buster Posey capped off San Francisco's 3-0 division-clinching victory over the Padres with a solo home run.