Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Morning Schadenfreude Jets News

As my grandfather bellowed in the rarely dusted off Give Me Back My Son tone, why didn't he just use is goddamn hands?"

To heap further shame on the Jets and further ridicule on Jets fans already getting ridiculed by colleagues, loved ones and the Patriots fan selling newspapers just outside the Lexington exit of Grand Central, Jets coach Sal Alosi tripped a Dolphins special teamer during a kick return yesterday. Alosi, a strength and conditioning coach, is presumably on the sideline just in case any one gets the mid-game urge to talk about really popping their triceps in that next workout.

These low-flying Jets are in an old-fashioned tailspin right here. The offense has stalled, airspeed is dropping and they're started to corkscrew they're way to the draft lottery.

Monday Mudita