Sunday, February 20, 2011

Love and Basketball

The Best Quotes from All-Star Saturday Night

On Love:
"I always say, shooting is like a good lady. It stays with you your whole life."
-Kenny Smith

"You know what your jumping ability is like? It's like those girls in the club, they're only with you when you're in the league."
-Kenny Smith

On The Best Scorer:
"I think Carmelo is the best flatout scorer in the NBA but [Kevin Durant] to me is second."
-Reggie Miller

"I would say it was Carmelo is the easiest, Lebron is the second and then [Kevin Durant] is the third best scorer in basketball."
-Kenny Smith

"In another year, [Durant]'s going to be the best player in basketball."
-Kenny Smith

"He better kill LeBron James then."
-Charles Barkley

On Scoring:
"Scoring is the easiest part of the game. Defense and rebounding are the two hardest part of the game."
-Charles Barkley

On Dunkers:
"I would say arguably the best in-game dunker in this league."
-Reggie Miller on Dominique Wilkins

"Well i think The guy to his left is. [Doctor J] is the greatest in-game dunker ever."
-Charles Barkley on Julius Erving

"No, I'm rolling with Vince Carter. C'mon Chuck."
-Dwight Howard

"Vince was a great dunker, but we'd have to disqualify him becuase he got shot once a game."
-Charles Barkley

On Love: