Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I was thinking, maybe, since you're coming to town so soon, that, maybe you'd want to come to a Knicks game with me. What do you think, Johan?

In non-Knicks news, in other words, the kind of news that most New Yorkers care about, the Metropolitans have in place a deal to acquire Johan Santana from the Twins in exchange for four prospects, not including Fernando Martinez. The last hurdle is finalizing the contract extension, which should be many years for much money. The Mets and Santana have 72 hours to settle on terms.

I have goosebumps and Metsblog.com has crashed. In t-minus seventeen seconds the Mets will announce that single-game tickets for the upcoming season are going on sale next Saturday. That is a safer bet than any Super Bowl prop you're going to find.

Whew! I feel giddy about baseball for the first time since July. This changes everything, for Mets fans, going into the season. It'll be all about looking forward rather than looking back.

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