Friday, January 25, 2008

Pre-Gaming: Knicks vs. Sixers

The Knicks have been off since Monday's defeat to Boston. It feels to me like they haven't played in weeks. I hope they're ready to come out with some energy tonight and that they've been sitting in their basements, drinking coffee, watching Paul Pierce highlights and just thinking about tonight's game for the past 72 hours. I hope everyone remembers the home-and-home sweep from last month and that someone has been playing those game tapes on a loop at their practice facility all week.

Just like tonight, the Knicks were starting to look a little better the last time they had a Friday night matchup with the Sixers. And, then they surrendered any momentum that they'd built by getting humiliated two nights in a row. The Saturday leg at MSG was the second worst performance I've seen in person all year.

Going into the All-Star break this is a big game. It's a should-win and a must-win if the team has any hope of coming out the gate in the second-half with a good vibe. In spite of Monday's loss, things are still coming together and the last ten games have been the team's best stretch since the first ten games.

Can they keep it going?

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