Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Spy Hard

In a recent interview with hitherto unknown Philadelphia Magazine former Knick coach and current executive VP of the 76ers Larry Brown spins yet another tale of woe about the awful working conditions at MSG.
"Imagine when you get to work, they don't talk to you," Brown said. "They had security people standing close to me in press conferences, and spies throughout the arena."

He claimed, believably, that the media policy was so oppressive that he was constantly monitored and shadowed during all moments when he could have potentially come into contact with a member of the media or anyone with high speed internet connection. And, to top it off they weren't even nice about it!

And, to show that the salty, self-serving Brown hasn't changed too much since we last saw him, he gets in a nice dig at his former boss when volunteering that he has no plans to replace Mo Cheeks on the sideline in Philly even though he wants to coach again at some point down the line.
"I don't want it to end the way it did in New York," Brown said. "I don't wish that on anybody."

Nice, Larry. I'll always believe that Brown had a better chance of turning the squad around than Mr. Thomas and that he got a raw deal, well, except in the financial sense. But this sort of feels like he is piling on here out of spite. Why take a pot shot at the easiest target around when your own team is floundering as well?

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