Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The First-Ever, Best-Ever WWOD? Pool!

Ladies, gentlemen, women of questionable moral fiber and scoundrels of less than honorable professions: you are cordially invited to participate in the inaugural March Madness pool hosted by What Would Oakley Do?

The 2008 WWOD? NCAA Tournament Pool is based over at the Yahoo Fantasy Sports site. Head over there and click on the "Join a Group" option. After selecting that option (I think you have to do that twice), you will then be prompted to enter a League ID number and a password. Do exactly that.

League ID #:107981
Password: kennyskywalker

Joining this league is the best decision you can make today. There will be excitement. There will be drama. There will be daily coverage of the tournament and the fate of the swimmers in the pool each and every day in this space. There will be camaraderie amongst those whose brackets quickly fade to nothing like the frost on a mid-March morning. There will be ample opportunity for gloating and obnoxious showboating by those with the foresight to know that former walk-on turned superstar Adam Emmenecker is going to lead Drake to an upset over UCLA, which will open up the door to Xaxier in the West Regional which will, in turn, clear the way for Texas to descend on San Antonio and survive to that last Monday night of the season.

And, since this is an above-ground pool, there will be no entrance fee required for admission. There will be no gambling and squandered money that could be better squandered on $10 Knicks tickets, scratch-offs, late-night trips to the diner for cheese-fries with gravy or mid-afternoon visits by the Ice Cream Man. But fear not those hungry for prizes and validation, this is no pointless endeavor on your part as the winner will still be receiving the bestest and the coolest prize offered anywhere in the wider world!

Is it money? No.
Is it courside seats? Nope.
Is it a date with one of the Knicks City Dancers? Not even close.

The first-prize for winning this year's pool isn't any of those things. It's even better. It's something harder to come by. It's something so special and unique that you didn't even know you wanted it until now. The first prize for winning the 2008 WWOD? NCAA Tournament Pool is your very own, limited-edition, commemorative What Would Oakley Do? t-shirt.

This high-quality item features orange screened printing on both sides of a heavy duty blue t-shirt. The shirt is available in large, extra large and also in large. The front features the name of your very favoritest website and eight images depicting some of the many things that Oakley may actually be doing at any given time. The back features a large number 34 and the web address of the site printed just above it. This shirt is fresh off the runways of Milan and Paris and could be something that is embarrassing your wife or girlfriend in just a matter of weeks. Don't miss out!

So, hurry up and join the Pool. The water is terrific. And, so is the shirt.

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