Monday, March 10, 2008

From Bad to Hurt

According to today’s papers beleaguered Knicks center Eddy Curry has torn some cartilage in his right knee and may need surgery to repair the damage.

Pain in the knee is what kept Curry out of Saturday night’s game against Portland. At this point it seems his options are surgery or rehab. And, I’m not sure what I advocate. Of course, part of the reason why I'm not sure what I advocate is that I am not a doctor of medicine.

If this is truly a tear of something substantial then he should go ahead and schedule the procedure for tomorrow. This season is lost and if he is cut open now then he should be healthy by the start of next season. No matter what team he is on. However, if this is the same small cartilage tears that my knees are full of and that every doctor just sends me to physical therapy for (until I stop going after two weeks because I can’t afford a twice-per-week $20 co-pay for the rest of my days) then he should not needlessly have an operation.

Either way, this doesn’t really mean anything. I guess. There are only a few weeks of the season left to play out and seemingly nothing left to play for. Meanwhile, Miami has shut down Dwyane Wade, essentially declaring their designs on the number one pick in next year’s lottery. Since Rose, the point guard from Memphis that I believe this team needs, figures to be taken second then anything that helps us land that spot might be for the best.

Although given his horrendous run of form this year, an argument could be made the Knicks are worse with Curry on the floor than on the operating table. Then again, with Randolph out for last six games, Curry was starting to see minutes and produce (points not rebounds) again. And, given the fact that Randolph will likely be easier to move in the offseason than Curry it might be important to build up his confidence with what few games we do have left. And, then we can deactivate Randolph with whatever this "foot" injury he currently has.

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