Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The End of An Error and An Anthem

Late in Monday night's loss to the second-string Boston Celtics a familiar refrain rang through the Garden. It rose above the crinkling and crackling of food wrappers. It soared up to the rafters and mingled with the names and numbers of the legends hanging high above the parquet floor. It was what seems likely to be the very last "Fire Isiah" chant that will ever be uttered in Madison Square Garden.

After such an arduous season saw this phrase enter the sports lexicon it seems strange that it may never be uttered again. It seems almost unbelievable that I won't need to give voice to those words ever again. Or maybe, "Fire Isiah" can live on as a catch-all call-to-arms for any fan base when their coach or general manager deserves to be sacked.

Perhaps Isiah can attach his name to forcible regime changes in NBA the way that Mario Mendoza forever linked himself to ineptitude at the plate in Major League Baseball or the way that Tommy John ended up being better known as a surgical procedure than a pitcher.

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