Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"You know I noticed that somebody wrote in my chart that I was difficult in January of 92 and I have to tell you I remember that appointment exactly"

Your favorite out-patient and mine, Stephon Marbury underwent surgery yesterday to clean out bone spurs in his right ankle. The prognosis is that he is difficult, brooding, egotistical and likely to never suit up in a Knicks uniform again.

The professional speculators at the papers all think he'll be traded to a team looking for cap space going into next offseason or that the Knicks will simply buy him out over the summer. Oh, and his doctor said the he will recover fully after "successful" surgery. Yeah, someone said that too.

The media has created a situation in which it would seemingly be a surprise if Steph comes back. I'm not quite there yet. Mostly because I don't know how they will be able to move him to another team if doesn't get back on the court this season, with the Knicks. But, whatever happens we can be sure it will be dramatic and end poorly.

"You are not going to believe what happened to me at the doctors office today ...I was looking at my chart and it said I was difficult . Why would they write that ?"

Around the Internets

If you like the Mets, indie music and Hoboken, NJ then this sit-down between indie stalwarts Yo La Tengo and original Metropolitan Ed Kranepool where the connection between the band's name and their favorite baseball team is revealed is just for you.

Someone compared the big-time freshman playing college ball this season to the students at West Beverly.

THIS is why I'll be wearing a Lawrence Taylor or Phil Simms jersey two weeks from now.

Larry Brown isn't the only one who should be worried about spying, because someone clearly eavesdropped on this call between Brett Favre and Tony Dungy.

And, if the first link didn't sate your Mets appetite or perhaps you like loopy, gold glovers rather than musicians then check out this fascinating and unabashedly honest interview with Keith Hernandez. This guy never disappoints and this is seriously a must read for any baseball fan.

Spy Hard

In a recent interview with hitherto unknown Philadelphia Magazine former Knick coach and current executive VP of the 76ers Larry Brown spins yet another tale of woe about the awful working conditions at MSG.
"Imagine when you get to work, they don't talk to you," Brown said. "They had security people standing close to me in press conferences, and spies throughout the arena."

He claimed, believably, that the media policy was so oppressive that he was constantly monitored and shadowed during all moments when he could have potentially come into contact with a member of the media or anyone with high speed internet connection. And, to top it off they weren't even nice about it!

And, to show that the salty, self-serving Brown hasn't changed too much since we last saw him, he gets in a nice dig at his former boss when volunteering that he has no plans to replace Mo Cheeks on the sideline in Philly even though he wants to coach again at some point down the line.
"I don't want it to end the way it did in New York," Brown said. "I don't wish that on anybody."

Nice, Larry. I'll always believe that Brown had a better chance of turning the squad around than Mr. Thomas and that he got a raw deal, well, except in the financial sense. But this sort of feels like he is piling on here out of spite. Why take a pot shot at the easiest target around when your own team is floundering as well?

Wednesday's Starting Five

1. Steve Nash. A season-high 37 points, 10 assists and 4 rebounds is what it takes to blow the doors off the Bucks in the fourth quarter and lead his team to another victory.

2. Billy Gillispie. Future NIT semi-finalists Kentucky Wildcats STUNNED No. 3 Tennessee last night. In silver-lining news, Chris Lofton (TEN) broke the SEC record for career three-pointers during the game.

3. The GOAT. Roger Federer ousted American James Blake from the Aussie Open at some point (last night? this morning? three days ago?) not too long ago. Federer is one match away from his 11th-consecutive Grand Slam final and is looking for his third straight championship Down Under.

4. Ron Artest and the Sacramento Kings. Healthy and back in the lineup the King from Queensbridge scored 27 as his team hung up a season-high 128 on NJ. Mike Bibby and Kevin Martin also returned this week and this team feels like a contender all of a sudden.

5. Matt Ryan. The departing Boston College quarterback beat out Tim Tebow and host of other worthy competitors to win the Manning Award, which goes to the top QB in college (and allegedly the apple in Parcells' eye). "How did this happen?" you ask. Well, unlike every other award this one takes into account performance in a team's bowl game.