Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"A Big Difference Between Wimping and Thinking"

Will various Spurs (notably rookie Dujaun Blair) and Kings were caught "wimping" as a bat flew about the court on Saturday night at the Alamodome, Spurs guard Manu Ginobli thought clearly and leapt into action, taking that winged mammal down with an open-handed power slap. He then calmly picked up the interloper and walked him over to someone who promptly disposed of the little fella.

And, then yesterday I read that Ginobli had to receive a battery of rabies shots. Typically a rabies vaccination is administered via 3 to 5 shots. The injections are often made into the deltoid muscle.

On his Facebook page, he wrote that:
"Just wanted to give you guys an update on the bat situation. As many of you already know, it wasn't a great idea. Not only for the fact that bats are great part of the ecosystem, but also, because some carry rabies, which is an incurable disease. That's why I had to get vaccinated today [and it wasn't just one shot!]."

Still, I think that offending animal rights folks and foaming at the mouth are potentially fair risks for having moved into first place (by a long shot) with most successful bat catching since the Adam West Batman era.

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