Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Jeff Van Gundy

Longtime coach in the Knicks organization and current member of the best three-man broadcasting team in pro sports, Jeff Van Gundy was born into this world on Jan. 19, 1962. He likely pulled an all-nighter studying game film and drinking Diet Cokes that very night. Years later, he was the balding boy wonder on Pat Riley's staff who earned the top spot on the staff after Riles' serpentine departure, thanks in large to being on the good side of the Big Fella. He led the upstart '99 club to the NBA Finals and then managed to get out of Dodge before the big top came crashing down on Jimmy Dolan's Seventh Avenue Circus. After a nice run in Houston, where he brought Ewing aboard as an assistant, Van Gundy reinvented himself as relentlessly idealistic basketball broadcaster with fine comedic timing. To celebrate JVG's birthday, WWOD unearthed a few poignant images from his hoops career.

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