Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Carmelization: Reading My Bros (and Cousin)

Since we've already heard what the professionals had to say about the deal that will hopefully never be known as the "Return of the Balk," I figured it was only appropriate that we heard what my younger brothers had to say.

Brother Middle: I'm bummed to see us lose a few guys I like alot but i feel it had to be done. I'm a little shocked/flabbergasted by this isiah involvement. Even if Walsh would have been more conservative I'm glad we got the deal done. We're in good position. How long do we keep D'antoni? I'd like a team that plays a little defense.

Brother Youngest: If Melo is hanging out with Ronnie then he is cool in my book.

Bonus Cousin Baller: Excited about the shakeup and think Billups is a winner, but not good for the system and should have PG and a Big be the stars so the pick and roll has the best two players. Interested to see how Carmelo as a ball reliant wing will work. We also have no frontcourt depth without Mozgov and no potential center for the future right now. Hate losing Gallo because I thought he was key in the rebuilding plan and developed an affinity toward him, but we did upgrade SF position and we don't need another. I agree we gave up a lot, but was necessary.

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