Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Landry Fields: Everybody's Employee of the Month

Donning a pair of Clark Kent frames and the requisite red T-shirt Knicks rookie shooting guard Landry Fields recently attempted to sell Knickerbockers merchandise to shoppers at a local Modells Sporting Goods store, presumably in Westchester where Fields lives. Like Danny Woodhead before him, nobody recognizes Fields and nobody is particularly interested in buying a No. 6 jersey. Mild amounts of comedy ensue as Fields hams it up.

Having played the male lead in the eighth-grade play (largely thanks to owning several tie-dye shirts and being a convincing enough stoner), I'd like to think that I know a thing or two about acting chops. And by my estimation, Fields is a natural. A large part of his success in these improvisational scenes is his awareness of the folks around him and his willingness to just go for it. Not coincidentally, these same two attributes are evident in the hustling put-back play that has become Fields' trademark.

In other Modells viral advertising news, Philadelphia Eagles R&R man DeSean Jackson also appeared in a similar spot. Being DeSean Jackson, though, he was recognized pretty early, making everything a little less fun.

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