Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Vincent Frank Testaverde!

44 years ago today the world was blessed by the birth of an American treasure: Vinny's right arm.

The Brooklyn born, Testaverde currently laces up his cleats and dons his well-worn leather helmet for the Carolina Panthers. He is already the oldest quarterback to win a game in the NFL (doing so at the tender age of 43) and looks to break his own record this week when the Panthers take on another NFL graybeard, Brett Favre. Vinny had already thrown 96 interceptions before everyone's favorite denim-wearing riverboat gambler had even donned a Packer uniform.

The winner of the 1986 Heisman trophy and the number one overall draft pick in the following year, Testaverde would play for the Tampa Bay Bucaneers in less than auspicious fashion over the course of six seasons. Throwing an epic 35 interceptions in '88, he would endure a bumpy tenure down in Tampa before departing for Cleveland.

Moving along with the equipment to Baltimore prior to the 1996 season, Testaverde would put together a Pro-Bowl campaign for the new team. Landing with Jets in 1998, Vinny would finally live up to his potential in his eleventh season in the League. Throwing for 29 touchdowns against only 7 picks he would stake the Jets to a lead in the AFC Championship game before succombing to Elway and the Broncos in the second half of that game.

A freak achilles tendon injury in the opening game of the following season halted hopes of a Gang Green return to the postseason and lead the team to draft Vinny's future replacement, Chad Pennington out of Marshall.

Notable Accomplishments:
1986 Heisman trophy winner
1987 number one overall pick in the NFL draft
1988 threw 35 interceptions
1996 became first starting QB in history of Baltimore Ravens
1996 selected to Pro Bowl as member of Baltimore Ravens
1998 lead New York Jets to AFC Championship Game
1998 selected to Pro Bowl as member of New York Jets
2000 orchestrated the "Monday Night Miracle" as Jets came back to defeat Dolphins after falling behind 30-7 going into 4th quarter
2005 threw last touchdown pass (to L. Coles) on ABC's version of Monday Night Football
2007 threw touchdown pass for the 21st consecutive season (to S. Smith)

Notable QBs replaced by Vinny:
Steve DeBerg
Bernie Kosar
Glenn Foley
Quincy Carter
David Carr

And another reason why Vinny is better than your team's QB: the man who gave us the "Vinny-Face" after so many poorly thought-through interceptions is also one of the original investors behind the extremely successful Outback Steakhouse chain. The guy is loaded beyond comprehension.


Jake C-W said...

Doesn't Starbury know that he's hurting my fantasy team? The Club Foot Carnies are reeling in his absence. It's his steady play, veteran presence, and hard work on the defensive end that send a message to the entire CFC roster: we will not be toyed with. How selfish can one man be?

pat john and charles said...

You forgot under Notable Accomplishments being the MAN..and a great human being..