Monday, November 12, 2007

Stan, Jeff and Patrick: A Band of Brothers

Those Van Gundy brothers really love themselves some Patrick Ewing. The Big Fella was back in the Garden this past Friday evening as a member of the Orlando Magic coaching staff. Head Coach Stan Van Gundy brought Patrick on board during the offseason to serve as a mentor to young, big-man Dwight Howard. With his rangy, muscular build, defensive prowess and relative offensive ineptitude Howard does resemble a college-aged Ewing.

Seeing as how Ewing was able to develop one of the best outside shots ever for a low-post player, he does seem an ideal candidate for the gig. Stan hired the former #33 at the recommendation of his brother, Jeff. The former Knicks coach and recently deposed headman in Houston was fiercely loyal to Ewing during their shared Knicks days and hired him to work with a young Yao Ming once he got the coaching gig in Houston.

Patrick has never been shy about his aspiration to someday coach the Knicks, but he likely won't be offered any sort of coaching position while Isiah is still running the show.

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