Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"In-House" for the Out-house.

Isiah Hates Me and Thinks I'm Not Very Smart

If the last 24 hours in Knick-land have taught us anything it is that Isiah Thomas does not care what you think and he doesn't think you are very smart. With his cheshire smile beaming forth last night before the game against the Suns, Isiah repeatedly referred to everything involving Steph as being an "in-house matter." Meaning, he wasn't going to answer any questions with any certainty. He wasn't going to tell anyone what happened. He wasn't going to defend his player. He wasn't going to castigate his player. He wouldn't comment on whether Steph had been sent away from the team or if he had fled from the team. He wouldn't confirm Steph's claim that he had permission to fly home. Nothing.

By refusing to deal plainly with the media and by extension the fans of the team, the coach has again shown that he has no respect for the people who root for the Knicks. He believes that we have no right to know what is happening and that we are too slow-witted and trusting to think that things are other than he says they are. It's a method of conflict resolution that he seems to have picked up from the Bush administration.

Yeah, Iraq is doing awesome. And the Knicks are too. Now, go out and have some fun, kids.

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