Monday, November 19, 2007

Clutch [kluc - h]:

transitive verb
1. to grasp, seize, or snatch with a hand or claw
2. to grasp or hold eagerly or tightly

intransitive verb
1. to snatch or seize (at)
2. to engage the clutch of an automobile, etc.

1. a claw or hand in the act of seizing
2. a device for gripping or clawing, as in a crane
3. a woman's small handbag with no handle or strap
4. Matt Ryan, quarterback of the Boston College Eagles

You can have Tim Tebow for the first three quarters and ten minutes of the football game. He is a man-child powered by faith and gatorade. But with the game on the line there is no one else on the Earth who I would want leading my team down the field than Matty Ice.

On Saturday night Ryan lead the Eagles to a come-from-behind victory in Death Valley against the 15th-ranked Clemson Tigers by throwing a 46-yard touchdown pass with under 2 minutes to go, clinching BC's first appearance in the ACC Championship Game.

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