Monday, November 19, 2007

One Thing I Think Really Bores Me

In case you didn't know, Peter King (of SI) watches games in a fancy room at NBC, regularly exchanges text messages with Trent Green or just about any other white veteran in the league and enjoys a latte while traveling around the Mid-Atlantic states where he occassionally watches game from inside of a stadium. This is apparently news. About football.

What used to be a fine column (Monday Morning Quarterback) is now the cult of no-personality every week. It is a shame. And I think it bores me. I still go back and read some weeks but am almost always greeted by passages like this now infamous excerpt from a few weeks back:

"Is it my imagination, or does Romo lead the league in smiling?"

I gave it another try this morning (because of the Jets) and was predictably underwhelmed. Surprisingly, I'm not interested in Peter's trip to Albany to see Springsteen this weekend. And I'm from Jersey and like Bruce. A lot. King went to the show with a producer from HBO. Did you know that Peter King does television? Oh, you didn't? Well, he does. And, you don't.

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Mr. Henry said...

Peter King is huge boner. That's all for now.