Friday, January 11, 2008

The Captain apparently likes the arrangement of the deck chairs aboard this Titantic

Marc Berman reports in today's Post that Willis Reed thinks it's too early to get down on the Curry/Randolph tandem.

"If I had Curry and Zach on my team, I wouldn't give up on them yet. I love Zach. I was happy the Knicks were able to acquire him. I'd walk in the room and say, guys, don't give up on yourselves. Eventually it will come. I would tell them to stop the reading the papers. Eddy is a very talented player and I hope he doesn't get discouraged."

Maybe he is remembering the way that folks never thought Clyde and the Pearl could play together. Until they did. Unfortunately, this is not the same thing. These two aren't nearly as good or nearly as aware. Clyde had already won a title and Monroe desperately wanted to win won before his game fell off to far. They were smart, aware supremely talented vets whereas these two are shockingly unaware and physically gifted pets.

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