Friday, January 11, 2008

Pre-Gaming: Knicks versus Raptors

Tip-Off: 7:30 PM at MSG

Isiah has unfortunately not been suspended for tonight's game following the League's review of the incident the other night. So, he will be on the bench hopefully sabotaging the team in less dramatic ways than against the Rockets.

Things to watch for:
-Chris Bosh vs. Knicks frontcourt: After getting torched by Yao twice in a week can the Knick frontcourt deal with another All-Star big man? And, by deal with, I mean defend not simply strike some sort of deal that allows that player to dunk at his leisure. After seeing how successful Lee was while fronting Yao will he be deployed to defend Bosh? Bosh is currently averaging a shade over 20 per. If he scores under 27 I would count that as some sort of moral victory for this offensive defensive unit.

-Butch and Sundance (aka David Lee and Nate Robinson): This high energy duo has become the key ingredient to our good runs of play. They started the second half against Houston, which was potentially a HUGE moment. Hopefully that was the beginning of their increased involvement in the gameplan. They have been seeing quality minutes with Steph, Jamal and either Zach/Eddy. Will this keep up? I hope so since they bring an entirely different energy to the floor and speed up the tempo. Moreover, they have developed a good interplay that has keyed some of the team's best runs.

-The Zach-Hole: How many possessions will be absorbed by this intergalactic menace?

-Jose Calderon vs. Stephon Marbury: Calderon has been playing at an All-Star level since Ford went down with that nasty neck injury. He can score and distribute. If Calderon is able to penetrate at will then we're in for a long night with Bosh and Bargnani ready for the balll and likely open because they'll be the responsibility of our Bigs.

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