Wednesday, February 4, 2009

In the Year Two Thousand...and Ten

The Knicks' starting lineup will be...

PG: Darren Collison
The Knicks drafted Collison out of UCLA with the 16th pick in the 2009 Draft. After a season backing up Chris Duhon the Knicks turn the team over to their young floor general.

SG: Michael Redd
Redd saw the market for his services decline as the offseason dragged along. Although he was obscured by the mega-stars on the market, teams also shied away from him due to concern over his lingering knee problems. He signed late in September 2010 at a discounted rate with the Knicks rather than taking a more lucrative offer from San Antonio. The Knicks had the flexibility to sign Redd, even on the cheap, because they were able to unload Eddy Curry to the Mavericks by including Wilson Chandler in exchange for Josh Howard's expiring contract during the 2009 season.

SF: Lebron James
Having won a title during the 2008-2009 season in Cleveland, Lebron felt like he had given his all to the Forest City. To the shock of no one he quickly signed with the Knicks for a max contract after the Cavs were eliminated in the Eastern Conference Semifinals by the Orlando Magic. The press conference was held in the middle of Times Square at high noon and traffic was closed for eight square blocks like in those scenes from Vanilla Sky. Nike footed the bill for the street closures and unleashed a new Lebron shoe that would go on to be the greatest-selling shoe in the history of the company.

PF: Danilo Gallinari
The Italian Stallion is already hear. He's six feet and nine inches tall and still growing at 20 years old. He looks to shoot the three, can take guys off the dribble and can finish the ally-oop above the rim.

C: Chris Bosh
Of all the members of the Class of 2010, Bosh is the one who seems the surest bet to bolt his current team. Shockingly, he'll think long and hard about it. After Lebron quickly jumps to Manhattan, Wade signs with Miami and Joe Johnson inks a deal to play with Duncan in San Antonio, all eyes will turn towards Bosh. He'll realize that he likes the spotlight. He likes hearing about himself on Sportscenter after being relatively anonymous up in Canada for so long. For these reasons (and for that max contract), he will sign with the Knicks. Everything about the situation appeals to him. He'll get a ton of pub but won't have to carry a club. He knows Lebron and D'Antoni from the national team and even the weather in New York will seem balmy after so many years north of the border.


MC Welk said...

put down the pipe

WWOD? said...

Not just yet. Too much good smoke. This is the first of many posts guessing all of the various lineups this team could field in 2010-2011. Some will be good. Like this one. Some will be less so.