Friday, February 27, 2009

Vote for WWOD?, Again

WWOD? Is Competing in a 64-Blog Debate Tournament

A few weeks ago I was invited to participate in a debate tournament pitting sports bloggers against one another. The tourney is being hosted by the good folks at As anyone who has spent any time with me can attest, I have plenty of practice in attempting to convince people that my point of view about a certain sporting topic is correct. It can be tiresome. I know. Trust me, I know. But, seriously, the Mets should sign Manny...

But, if it's for a good cause (personal gain at the expense of others) then I figured that I should throw my hat in the squared circle. In the first round I drew a fellow who actually works for the site hosting the tournament. Which seemed a little dubious. But, I charged ahead, nonetheless. We debated which NBA team that is currently playing to a sub .400 record is most likely to reach the playoffs soonest and to make some noise in the second season. I chose the Washington Wizards. My opponent chose the Toronto Raptors.

We both believed the path to the postseason was easiest in the (L)Eastern Conference. And for my worthy foe, the path of least resistance was the main concern and the main reason that he chose the Raptors. He was convinced that their presence in the anemic Atlantic Division made them the choice here. I disagreed. Vehemently. I believe that the Wiz, also being in the East, have only a marginally harder road to travel and will be buoyed by the returns of Gilbert Arenas and Brandon Haywood next season whereas the Raptors have no obvious means of supplementing the team that has performed so poorly this season. For me it came down to which of the teams to choose from had obvious means to drastically improve the talent that they put on the floor. And, the Wiz were hands down the winners in this regard. No one is going to be adding a player of Agent Zero's caliber. Not too mention that the Wiz will be in line for one of the top three picks in the draft.

Anyway, the voting is going on over that this website. Get over there and VOTE FOR WWOD?. Yes we can.

UPDATE: And, we did it. I'm moving on to the second round of the Blog Madness Debate Tournament over at Thanks to whomever made it over there to vote. I'm not sure who I'm facing in the second round or what the topic is. But I'll keep you posted.

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Great job in the beat our new writer, but boy does he compete!

He wanted to be involved, and we thought to ourselves, why not?

Either way, your following stepped it up :)

Good luck next round!