Friday, April 17, 2009

High Top Finance

WWOD's Investment Strategy

A few months ago, there was a lot of hype around construction/infrastructure companies that would benefit from President Obama's stimulus package. There has also been a resurgence in exchanging cash 4 gold, although it must be noted that Atlantic City was way ahead of the curve here. Speaking of dens of sin, I even emailed my brother (supposedly the financially-minded one) about this possibly being a good time to get in on the Vice Fund. Needless to say, those with some liquidity have been looking for ways to make a buck off the dire state of the economy and those with fewer bucks have been looking for something that will hold it's value better than their 401k.
Well, look no further. Because the place where you should be funneling your money isn't CDs or T-bills. It's Patrick Ewing's line of sneakers. You should be hording these things. Because they are going for several hundred dollars a pair on the secondary market. These things were the hotness (at least to me) back when I was younger. And my sister, somewhere, has the pair of black EWING hightops that I rocked in rec league basketball as younger man. For reasons unbeknownst to WWOD?, these sneakers are no longer being produced. They're like the Faberge Eggs of athletic footwear. Every few weeks I'll notice a pair pop up on ebay and without fail they'll fetch several hundred dollars. I would guesstimate that $400 seems to be about the average price to obtain a set of these things. But that paltry sum certainly will not bring home a pair of the highly sought-after blue suede model of these deadstock sneaks. Unlike most everything else in this economy, you can trust EWING sneakers. They should only appreciate in value.

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