Thursday, August 6, 2009

Alonzo Mourning Will Forget Your Birthday Even If You Offer Him a Kidney

While perusing the website of the Worldwide Leader at work I noticed that former Knicks nemesis-turned-sympathetic figure-turned-self-aggrandizing back-up Alonzo Mourning was hosting a live chat. I dropped by. Not so much because I care what he's selling. But maybe to find something to make fun of him about. You know, the usual. But then it dawned on me to ask him if he'd wished Patrick Ewing a happy birthday yesterday. After all, Ewing mentored Mourning early in his career and the two Georgetown alums are supposedly very close friends. I mean, Ewing did offer to donate his kidney to the guy.

I'd like to think that Mourning will actually call. And that it will brighten Patrick's day. That's sort of cool. I think. Although I don't want to be responsible for getting Mourning off the hook for forgetting his buddy's birthday. Patrick deserves better friends. I bet Dikembe Mutombo called.

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